Sporting Events

The Brella Bag® is a useful accessory to have when attending any outdoor event such as soccer games, football games, golf tournaments, concerts and many other activities when you need to stay dry from the rain or have shade from the sun.
The innovative tote bag is spacious enough to hold many items such as a water bottle, wallet, camera or cell phone and the separate zippered pouch to hold smaller items such as keys or lipstick. There is also a front pocket for added storage

Perfect For Photographers

The Brella Bag® is the perfect camera rain cover for outdoor photographers. It offers protection for you and your equipment in the rain while giving you the only portable option for holding an umbrella. There are many instances when it is necessary to also be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Both men and women appreciate the Brella Bag’s® sleek style and the convenience it offers.

Outdoor Activities

Brella Bag®, the unique umbrella holder keeps the rain and the sun from interfering with any outdoor activities you might have. Many individuals prefer not to have exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, and find the Brella Bag® the best new solution when using an umbrella. Outdoor activities such as boating, walking, site seeing, fishing, and a day at the beach can all be more enjoyable with the use of the Brella Bag® hands free umbrella holder.

The Brella Bag® makes walking the dogs an easy task by supporting an umbrella overhead and giving you the ability to also be able to hold onto the leash at the same time. Whether carrying shopping bags, a briefcase, or just taking a walk, you will appreciate the independence it brings. Rain or Shine… use it anytime!

Your Thrill of Playing or Watching Golf

As spring is upon us, golfers and golf aficionados are geared for a summer full of Sun, Golf and Fun. Present on the golf course is the huge Golf Umbrella with bright colors and promotions.
Golf is not a summer activity alone. You can find golf being played almost year around. It is not always under the bright Sun either.
In the Sun or in rain you see golfers and golf enthusiasts using a variety of umbrellas to protect them from Sun and rain. But you also see them struggling and juggling with other bags and materials they carry. Golfers might use Caddies to protect them with umbrellas while carrying and jostling with other gear.

How would it be if the golfer, the caddy and the spectators wouldn’t have to worry about this anymore? What if they were protected intimately by their favorite bright and shining umbrella while being hands free? Is such a thing possible? It is now. Thanks to the genius of an inventor and entrepreneur who as a single MOM had to juggle with her baby in her arm, umbrella in one hand and number of groceries and other bags in the other. In a burst of creativity driven by necessity she invented the now famous Brella Bag® which is a bag that is an umbrella holder and more. This Brella Bag® is a patented bag designed to hold an umbrella leaving the user’s hands free to carry other items or just relax them. Brella Bag® is an umbrella holder that is also a bag to conveniently carry important items such as a cell phone, keys and wallet.
For the golfers, caddies and their fans walking with an umbrella neatly tucked in the Brella Bag hands free umbrella holder®, their brisk walks from one hole to the next are all the more enjoyable with their hands free and active. Fans no longer have to juggle their umbrella, bags, camera and other valuable items. It is all neatly packed in the Brella Bag®.